Tea Time

A Selection of Fine Teas

I have been mixing essential oils and fragrances to find the perfect scent for a tea-scented candle.  It's challenging to test and retest a variety of oils in a variety of waxes, but I'm getting closer to finding the perfect scent.  Since the cooler weather is here, I thought now was the time to find a smoky, comforting and earthy fragrance, reminiscent of a hot cup of tea.  I'm almost there. 

End of Summer Colors


Labor Day Weekend 2014 is fast approaching and the colors of these flowers remind me of the late summer sky at dusk.

Wishing you a beautiful long weekend!



Hello and welcome to my blog.  I am on a journey to create my own business and creating a blog is one of the first steps in that process.  My hobby of creating scented candles has led me to try my hand at turning my passion into a business.  I have a long way to go, but documenting the process will hopefully lead me in the right direction and ultimately free me from my 9 to 5 job.  It's my goal to have my own small business doing something I love.

My blog is named for my paternal grandmother, Flora Hudson, who was a wonderful grandmother to me and a talented professional seamstress who made everything from wedding dresses to clothing for my dolls when I was a child.  I was very young when she passed away and at my young age, I didn't have the foresight to ask her about her craft and what it meant to her. Her work as a seamstress helped support her family and I'm sure she took great pride in her work.